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Cricket Tours

We invite you to watch cricket with us at big tournaments in countries all over the world for a once-in-a-lifetime experience that can’t be matched by anyone else.

You will not only have an amazing time on your cricket tour, but you will also stay at one of the most opulent resorts that is located in close proximity to all of the action. This vacation is ideal for cricket lovers and sports fans alike who are looking for a luxury vacation that is unlike any other.

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  • England Tour of New Zealand

    November - December 2024
    DescriptionEngland Tour of New ZealandNovember - December 2024 Experience the Thrill of the England Cricket Tour of New Zealand 2024! Cricket enthusiasts, brace yourselves for…
  • DescriptionThe AshesNovember 2025 - January 2026 PACKAGES COMING SOON Package Includes Packages are not yet available but you can register for more information in the…
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